Getting To Galway

Today I left for a two-day bus tour of Galway. I woke up at 6:00am, put all my things together, got into a cab and then realized halfway into town that I had forgotten to lookup my reservation number for the tour. I looked frantically through my ipod in hopes that maybe I had the foresight of screen grabbing it when I first received the email, but alas I did not. In my desperation I asked the cab driver, Mr. O’Toole, if I could use his phone to check my email. “Of course ya’ can dear.” He took it off the dashboard, fiddled with it for a moment, and handed it to me.
His background was a sweet picture of what I assume was his baby granddaughter. “Aw, how adorable,” I thought. I clicked the browser and it promptly opened to Hmm. That’s one I haven’t heard of. “Six o’clock in the morning, on the job, and still finds time to jerk off. Now that’s dedication,” I thought to myself.
But now I was in a difficult position. Do I close it? Or do I just leave it and start a new tab? I decided to close it. Better to let him think his fiddling was successful and that I was none the wiser to his early morning porning.
Anyway I successfully retrieved my reservation number, we got into town with time to spare, and it only cost me 33 euro! Yep. Thirty-three fucking euro on a trip that would otherwise only cost me three. But I think of it as a necessary expense. If I didn’t have to take a cab then I might not have had a kind person to lend me his phone.

Today I learned: Smartphones are actually quite useful. For many, many things. 


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