Bipolar Quinn

Tomorrow I leave this place to begin my next ventureā€¦ I’m going to stay with the Pages, a family in west Cork who need help with their children and asparagus farm.  The farm is small and there are only two… Continue Reading


Today the sun is shining and the world is new. I clean the floors all over again after yesterday’s escapades in hopes that it will land me back into Daniel’s good graces. I ask myself: Why do I even care?… Continue Reading

Shit Storms

Today was a bad day. A bad, bad, bad day. The morning started as it usually does. At about 7:30 I wake to the sounds of pans clanging, doors banging, and a nine year old screaming like the house is… Continue Reading

Artsy Fartsy Fownes Street

Yesterday I went to a little pink store on Fownes street called MayFly. Essentially a walk-in etsy shop the store is filled with things like handmade steampunk jewelry, hand sewn dolls, hand drawn greeting cards, vintage clothing, pinup posters, and many… Continue Reading

Back to the Grind

It’s Monday and I’m back in Malahide. Back to clean a house left in a state post-tasmanian-devil and to look after a child who just might be the devil. Natasha leaves for Cannes this Wednesday and then I’m to be… Continue Reading


My sad little rant was cut short when I was approached by a guy who was in the Starbucks at the time I was writing it. I put out into the universe that I was in need of company and… Continue Reading