The Suburbs

My draft box is filling with essays inchoate for lack of focus. Or lack of time. Both, actually. I’ll leave it like that for now. Tonight’s post will probably just be thoughts. Random, desultory musings – whatever pops into my head. They might coalesce… Continue Reading

Update #2

I know, I’ve still been M.I.A. on here and although you probably already know why, allow me to explain. Again.  I was at a bar in Queens last night and my friend and I were reading bumper stickers off of the cash… Continue Reading


Okay. I’m going to publish a post today. I swore I would and damn it, I’m going to. I’ve been so busy these past two months I’ve found it near impossible to finish one and actually publish it. So! Where have I… Continue Reading

Linked Out

When I’m not working for a corrupt collection of old ‘doctors’ trying squeeze every last penny from an even more corrupt medical system while their frontal lobes are still in tact, I’m sitting at my computer. Sitting here sending emails… Continue Reading


Today I’ve parked myself at a Starbucks by the yoga studio where I’m soon to find myself desperately clinging to a slab of rubber against the slippery force of my sweaty palms. That’s right. Hot yoga, baby. I took my first class… Continue Reading