Today the sun is shining and the world is new. I clean the floors all over again after yesterday’s escapades in hopes that it will land me back into Daniel’s good graces. I ask myself:

Why do I even care?

Who knows.

I walk Gemma home from school and make her lunch: Pasta with butter… and cyanide. Okay no cyanide. But a girl can dream.

I overhear her playing outside with her poor innocent friend, Beth trying to get her to cut open a glow stick using a pair of scissors she snatched from the kitchen. I run outside to stop them which clearly upsets her and she lets me know it by taking Beth up to her room so they can pull all of the clothes out of her wardrobe for me to pick up.

I do not.

Aileen comes home from school at 3:00 and as usual makes her own lunch: four pieces of toast that she eats on every surface of the house except, well, a plate. But I can’t hold this against her as compared to her sister she is a dream.

She flits around the house with a folded piece of toast in one hand and a crumpled concert ticket in the other. One Direction is coming to town on Friday and every human under the age of 16 in Ireland is going to be there to see them. Aileen is obsessed. So we sit together and watch a slew of One Direction music videos on my laptop while she sings along and goes all dreamy eyed over the one with the big eyelashes and a Pepe le Pew haircut. I have to say- if I were ten years old today, I would probably love them too. But since I’m not…


I’ve officially done my penance.


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